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I'm a macOS, iOS & Ruby developer with many years of experience designing, building, marketing and maintaining digital products.Areas of expertise:

  • Rapid prototyping to develop and verify new concepts.

  • Audio and video processing, encoding/decoding and streaming using FFmpeg and Apple Frameworks.

  • Cross-platform development using Java, Mac Catalyst and SwiftUI.

  • ADA compliance and accessibility features on Apple platforms.

  • Team management and mentoring.


Tacx (Garmin)Senios iOS & macOS Developer2020 - Present
Danger CoveFounder - macOS, iOS & Ruby Developer2011 - 2024
BlendleiOS Developer & Mobile Tech Team Lead2017 - 2018
HedgeCo-Founder - macOS & iOS Developer2016 - 2017
Tam TamLead Creative Programmer2009 - 2011

My Apps

My apps are used by thousands of people, get great ratings on the Mac App Store and have been covered in the media numerous times.



📍Utrecht, Amsterdam or remote.

I’m a Dutch native speaker and fluent in English.

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